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Xanadu is a big data management platform technology developed to confront requirements for high-speed processing high volumes of diverse data. It uses acomposable architecture that fully integrates with core IT infrastructure and data applications to satisfy data base use requirements to maximize [business values through effective and efficient exploitation of big data today and into the future.

Xanadu Big Data, LLC is based in Boston, and is operated for Xanadu big data management platform technology development, commercialization, and monetization.

What's New!

Alex G. Lee, a managing partner of Xanadu Big Data, LLC, will talk about Xanadu technology and use cases for Big Data + Deep Learning + Cloud + IoT Integration Strategy in Silicon Valley on June 29th.

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Presentation Video Part I

Presentation Video Part II

Presentation Video Part III

Presentation Video Part IV

Successful intergation of Xandau + Hadoop Demo

MapReduce word counter on Xanadu FS demo video

Xanau use case development in medical big data deep learning

Xanadu Based Big Data Deep Learning for Medical Data Analysis