Massively Scalable Fault Tolerance Data Management System

In the era of Big Data, Xanadu is developed to take care of the requirement of high speed processing of diverse type of high volume data. Xanadu can provide a massively scalable fault tolerance system that can connect multiple storages for providing the exponential data storing capability without worrying about fault of some connected storages. Xanadu enables up to 8 copies of the data (replicas) can be stored in different storages. Thus, Xanadu can tolerate up to N faults among 2N+1 connected storages, N being a design parameter, anything up to 8 concurrent faults. Auto healing functionality moves data around the system to ensure the correct data is on the correct storage nodes with respect to their allocated node number when new storage nodes are connected due to fault of some connected storages.

Cost Effective High Performance Data Management System

Xanadu can provide high throughput and low latency data management system. Xanadu deduplicates data based on exact matching of data block content. Thus, Xanadu reduces the actual storage footprint by recognizing duplicate data and maintaining only as many copies as it needs to assure its availability. Xanadu data model is essentially a key - value NoSQL with a globally unique nanosecond accuracy time stamp. Thus, the time stamping functionality provides inherent (built-in) backup of the database.

ACID Complianc Data Management System

Xanadu provides ACID compliance data management system. The key update is handled with a distributed and fault-tolerant RAFT agreement algorithm for giving distributed ACID semantics for individual key. ACID compliance guarantees reliable and consistent data update even in the face of the storage failure, which is essential for mission critical applications such as financial and health care services. To provide strong ACID compliance over multiple keys with higher performance capabilities, PAXOS consensus algorithm in combination with Ripple algorithm, a blockchain distributed consensus agreement technology, will be implemented. A distributed fault toleran high-speed ACID multi-key transactional data store combined with time-based historic updates can support high-performance microservices implementation.

Composable Architecture

Xanadu consists of a core set of platform Application Programming Interface (API) definitions (Xanadu platform APIs) that are composable architectural elements. Thus, Xanadu is designed to be a composable architecture in order to be selected and integrated with other big data system elements such as IT infrastructures and data analytics to satisfy specific big data use requirements.