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Xanadu management team includes Dr. Alex G. Lee, a managing partner, who has over 25 years of technology commercialization and monetization experience and Sounhee Jung, a shareholder partner, who was a CEO and co-founder of eMediaTrack with two decades' international business development.

Xanadu development team includes Dr. Rhys Newman who has over 20 years' software innovation experience, and was a CTO of eMediaTrack and Dr. Jeff Tseng who has over 20 years' data science experience, and the head of the Computing Practical Laboratory at Oxford University.

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SFL Scientific (Deep Learning)

SFL Scientific

Solid Founder (Strategic Marketing)

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Alex G. Lee

Xanadu Big Data, LLC

19 Captain Parker Arms, Lexington, MA 02421

Email: alexglee@xanadubigdata.com